Our children’s programs are founded on experiential learning and national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) standards. At the SDC we take STEM a step further and make it STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Mathematics) because we believe that you need to include the creative element for a comprehensive educational experience. We tap into your child’s curiosity with fun and exciting hands-on activities taught by qualified professionals. 

Summer Camp 2017 Schedule

Secrets of the Earth June 5-9

It’s not just the third rock from the sun. The Earth is alive and has been for a very long time. Come and learn about Earths’ past, present Earth, and its future. We will uncover dinosaur bones, erupt volcanos, and explore our world’s natural beauty.

Camp Florida June 12-16

Prepare yourself for the ultimate camping trip as we study native plants, animals, and insects. Learn about the local wildlife, basic survival skills, and make s’mores using solar power.

Prepare For Take Off! June 19-23

We will learn about weather and many different things that fly, glide, and soar. After becoming knowledgeable in the area of aviation, check the weather conditions and prepare your vessel for lift off!

Wild West June 26-30

Giddy up into this fun filled week exploring the American Frontier. Explore the westward expansion and participate in olden day activities of peasants, farmers, and cowboys!

Grossology July 10-14

Ewwww! Yuck! What’s that smell? Why is this booger green? Come explore the different functions and purposes of your body’s organ systems with an emphasis on the grossest of course!

H20 Where Do You Flow? July 17-21

Find out where water eventually ends up. From rivers, lakes, natural springs, and of course the ocean we will discuss everything water. We will be taking a closer look with microscopes, experiments, and lots of water fun!

Superhero Science July 24-28

Explore the science behind your favorite superhero! We will discuss the science behind their powers, animals that inspire heroes, meet real life heroes, and then create your own superhero identity.

CSI: Criminal Science Investigations July 31-August 4

Top secret science week where you will become the detective, learn about forensics, and acquire skills needed to solve a crime.

Creatures of the World Unite August 7-11

This is where the wild things are! Investigate all creatures from insects to animals and learn how they survive in the wild. There will be many creepy, crawly, and especially cute visitors, for this fun filled week.


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